September is one of my favourite times of the year. It's a time when I can reflect on the busy summer months that have gone by and plan for the new season ahead, which for me I still see this time of year as setting intensions, organising new classes and making healthy plans for the Autumn.

My stretching yoga practice quiet often falls a little by the waste side during July and August, while I'm busy using my body for other activities like dancing, swimming in the sea and walking. However, I still see these activities as somewhat yogic, since I still try and focus on my body and mind.

But September is now here!!! yeeeee!! and I plan to dedicate some time each day to some physical yoga and mediation.

If you think doing yoga everyday sounds too demanding here are some suggestions to make it more achievable

  • Find a time scale that suits you - anything from 10 mins is just fine

  • Yoga doesn't have to be about stretching it can be a 10 minute mediation in the morning or before you go to bed

  • Find a class or online yoga teacher you actually like and enjoy

  • It shouldn't feel like a chore

  • Do it with friends and family

  • Find a style that suits you, it can be anything from chair yoga, yoga nidra to dynamic ashtanga, the key is to mix it up and not get stuck on one style.

  • And if Now isn;t a great time to set these kind of goals, choose a time that is

And if you still don't think you have time for it, then maybe you need to reevaluate your time or try something else that will benefit your body and mind.

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Doing sun saltations in the morning is one of the best ways of introducing a regular yoga practice to your day, especially if you are unclear what to be doing or a bit unmotivated in the mornings.

The benefits of this sequence is massive and has been performed for thousands of years to help with cardiovascular conditioning, promote calm and relaxation and have provided a range of other mental and physical benefits.

Below are some specially selected tutorials I recommend if you are unclear or a beginner to this.

They are also a good reminder even if you are experienced yoga poser!

Once you have followed them a few times, try doing it on your own; you can do anything from 2-12 rounds depending on physical ability and time

Good luck, and feel free to let me knw how you get on or need further tips 




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