I LOVE salad -

However, the humble salad does get a bit of a bad rep! with connotations of a calorie deficient meal, that's inferior to other meals consisting of wet lettuce, a token gesture of a tomato and some other watery tasteless vegetable, and the only way to actually enjoy the sad salad is to drown it in oil.

If this is what you think of a salad (poor salad) then you are very much mistaken, If like me you already love salad, then you'll be watering at the mouth just by looking at this salad picture. OK maybe that's just me? anyways....

Either way, if you do struggle for ideas, look for inspiration from our European and North African friends, who add fruit and nuts to salads warm and cold, and from further away places such as Asia and the America's who add tropical fruits and spices. Making the salad punchy with flavour and nutritious goodness.

Another go to formula is to add all the colours;  the more  colours, the more nutritious and flavoursome it's going to be and it looks great too.. Good enough to eat even! 

A colourful and interesting salad makes the perfect component to have alongside any main meal or eaten on it's own for a light and refreshing lunch.

Don't rest on your wet lettuce, make it exciting..

The Cleansing Salad - 

I made this salad as part of my cleansing week and added ALL the super cleansing vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Each ingredient has it's own special cleansing qualities, which compliment each other while enhancing flavours and texture.

Grapefruit - High in Pectin (type of fibre) binds to cholesterol and heavy metals, eliminating them and toxic build up. 

Walnut - A brain food and a liver cleanser 

Avocado - Lowers Cholesterol. Contains Glutathione which helps the liver detoxify synthetic chemicals

Rocket - Rich in Vitamin C and high in Anti-oxidants - for cell growth and repair

Apple - High in Pectin (type of fibre) binds to cholesterol and heavy metals, eliminating toxic build up

Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds - Cleanses out the intestines and bowels

Steamed Broccoli - Helps the liver transform toxins into a form that can be easily eliminated 

Beetroot - Purifies blood and a Liver cleansing

Lemon - Liver cleansing and immune boosting

Olive oil - Eliminates toxins

Arrange them as you like adding the dressing (lemon, Oil, Mustard) and a touch of salt and pepper and fresh herbs. .. Hey presto 'not a boring salad'!!!...