Massage treatements

At Elemental Retreats we have a team of massage therapists at hand to give your body the treat it deserves.

Wether you want to roll straight into bed after your massage or have a more deep massage to complement your yoga practice, we can accomodate you.

Types of Massage

  • DEEP TISSUE - Tell your massage therapist where your body hurts and they will use a systematic approach to assess and treat your connective tissues including muscles, tendons and ligaments.

  • THAI MASSAGE - Thai massage combines targeted acupressure and manipulation of energy lines with assisted yoga stretches to stimulate positive energy circulation, reducing pain and stress.

  • RELAXATION/AROMATHERPAY - This type of massage will help your body surrender and your mind to unwind into a deep state of relaxation. Perfect pre-nap or pre-bedtime treat.

No need to choose right away what massage you would like nor when. But to secure a place with a therapist we advice to book in advance of the retreat.

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