Twice daily yoga classes

Morning - Mindful Flow Yoga - Pranayama & Vinyasa Flow

Evening - Playful Partner Yoga - Assisted and supported stretches & Breath-work

Classes are suitable for all levels, with variations and adjustments offered.

All equipment is provided - But its also nice to bring your own mat!

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Vegetarian and Vegan meals

Available throughout the day Herbal tea, Infused water

2 Main Meals Mainly vegan except for bio-eggs, locally produced or organic fruit & vegetables, foraged greens, herbs, grains, pulses, raw desserts

Snacks Raw homemade energy balls and raw chocolates, nut butters, crisp breads & fruit

Do add any any dietary requirements on the booking form

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2 workshops

Fermenting An Introduction to the healthy art of fermentation

Return home with your own gut healing produce.

Foraging guided walk Get to know what grows around you and learn how to incorporate them into daily life as foods & medicines.

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