2 workshops


Fermenting Making your own fermented foods is one of the best and simplest things you can do to improve your own gut health, and they are tasty and inexpensive to make.

During this workshop you will learn how to make:

  • Traditional German Sauerkraut
  • Kimchi

You can add extra flavours to your fermentation to suit your palate

Things you will need 2 x 500ml Jars (preferably Kilner type jars)

Foraging walk See nature and all that grows around us with new fresh eyes

Getting to know what grows around you and feel more connected to the environment in which we live

The hedgerows offer us nutrients we will not often find on our supermarket shelves, these nutrients allow our bodies to accommodate the changing seasons more easily, keeping our immune systems strong.

On the walk we will discuss the many ways in which we can use plants, internally & externally to treat a variety of health problems. We will discuss seasonal eating & how this has an overall effect on our health.

Foraging walks are a great way to reconnect with what is around us & regain the knowledge which has slowly been lost.



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