Vegetarian and Vegan meals

Available throughout the day Herbal teas and Infusions

2 Main Meals Mainly Vegan and vegetarian meals, inspired by ayruvedic diet and seasonal cooking. Using locally produced or organic fruit & vegetables, foraged greens, herbs, grains, pulses and fungi.

Snacks Raw homemade energy balls and raw chocolates, nut butters, crisp breads & fruit

Do add any any dietary requirements on the booking form

Claude and Melanie have worked together on several occasions, providing tasty, nourishing healing foods for large groups of people.

Its a marriage made in heaven when they work on a project, complimenting each other on their knowledge and passion. Together they will be preparing the menus for the retreat  to ensure you have well balanced nourishing meals.

With Claudius flair in design and knowledge in healing foods, you can expect during your stay that your plate will look as attractive as it does deliver on taste and nutrients.

Expect generous brunch's of homemade granola, fruit compotes, bio-eggs,  vegetables prepared with herbs from the garden, locally made breads, and homemade jams and nut butters.. 

Enjoy hearty dinners of bean stews, Thali's, Wild Mushroom Risottos, colourful salads, fermented pickles, raw chocolate and fruit desserts......and much more to tantalise your taste bud

You certainly won't go unsatisfied.....


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