Earth Equinox Yoga Retreat

20th - 24th of September 2018

Decompress - Reconnect - Transform


Elemental Retreats are delighted to invite you to their Autumn Equinox Yoga Retreat set on the stunning Rye Farm Island at the border of the South Downs in Henfield, East Sussex.

The Elemental retreats team are all about celebrating life, appreciating nature and been connected to the cycles and the turning of the seasons. By complementing these elements with powerful and intuitive yoga classes, dancing , guided nature walks, creativity  and nourishing delectable foods for the heart and soul.

Melanie Kalay, co-founder of Elemental Retreats, will be leading 2 daily yoga sessions where you can reconnect, relax and restore your own power within, whilst stilling the mind and activating the body. Through grounding Vinyasa Flow and Pranayama in the morning to Playful Partner Yoga in the early evening, you will feel a great sense of strength and light, just like the Equinox itself. Melanie's positive, hands-on approach will enable you to reach your full potential throughout the classes.

Claudiu, a leading permaculture and healing food specialist,  will be providing talks and demonstrations on foraging and fermenting. He will also create a menu of healing and delightful meals, which we hope will inspire and prepare you for the earthy winter months ahead and support your physical practice and general wellbeing.

There will be plenty of time during the retreat to fully decompress, and you can tailor how you'd like to do that: wether that's reclining beside or on the lake or up high in the enchanting tree house to watch the array of colourful birds;  this site offers bountiful opportunity to just drift, dream and reflect in nature.

You also have the opportunity to choose to have some extra undivided attention from our selected team of massage therapists, or enjoy your own personal reading by our resident astrologer Ruya, who brings powerful insights to your own personal growth and understanding.

On the final evening, Elemental Retreats invites you to their unique cacao meditation and dance celebration. You will be offered a magical cacao elixir drink, with a guided meditation that will lead into an uplifting DJ set where you can dance and play out your wishes and desires for this inspiring transformational cycle.


  • Ranges from £280 per person up to £810 depending on accommodation styles and early bird options

  • Deposits and Early Bird options are available

  • We would love for everyone to be there for the full retreat and benefit from all that we have to offer, but if life commitments mean you have to arrive a day late or leave a day early, let us know and we will accommodate you the best we can.

Prices include

  • All food and beverages

  • TwoDaily yoga classes

  • 4 nights accommodation

  • 2 Workshops

  • 1 cacao ceremony and dance

Prices do not include

  • Massage

  • Astrology reading

  • Transport to and from retreat


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Rye Farm Island is a picturesque area of wetlands surrounded by views of the Downs, home to a plethora of wild-life including ducks, swans, peacocks and kingfishers.  

The owners moved there 2 years ago and set about creating somewhere that would be a paradise for their children and inspire and delight their friends for party-weekends.  The site boasts many interesting features such as a giant two-tiered tree-house complete with fireman pole descent,  and large lake, home to the resident wildlife and a place for wild swimming or relaxing back onboard a rowing boats.  

The Accommodation vary from high to lower end options, yet all have their own unique charm and features to ensure you have a comfortable and inspiring stay. Except for the glamping options, all the accommodation mentioned is unique and only one of each is available. The variety will allow you to join Earth Equinox at your most suitable budget




50% Deposit  or full payment required to secure your places

Royal EnSuite

Private Double Bed with free standing Bath - View of the lake and tree house.

Private, cosy and inside the house, this room is perfect for the traditional couple. Tastefully decorated with warm colours, the Royal Ensuite is perfect for the ones that are after  a feeling of privacy and space.

Perks: Private Standing bath - Your Own Direct path to the tree house.

 £530 Per Person for a couple.

 £730 Per Person for single use.


The Dome

Private Double Bed with View on the lake.

Private, adventurous and futuristic, the dome is the perfect accommodation for the venturesome amongst us who enjoy the luxurious outdoors. Set on the shore of the lake, this futuristic paradise has been arranged with a continuous theme of spherical shapes. From the circular chandelier to the egg shaped armchairs, be prepared to be amazed by every detail of its design.

Perks: Private balcony on the lake - Internal Wood Burner for cold weather

(Please note - there is no toilet and shower in the Dome, however toilets and a shower cubicle is a short walk along the lawn)

 GONE - This has now been booked

The Airstream

Private Double bed (or can accommodate 2 single beds) with view on the fields.

Secluded, from the main house, this is the perfect accommodation for the flamboyant party lovers amongst us.

The contrast of the airstream’s sharp silver iron external look and its internal 70’s Morrocan party vibe is perfect for the ones that love to break conventions. If you ever wondered what it would feel like to be that fabulous traveller living in the most glamorous of trailers, then look no further….

Perks: Your own Morrocan tea ceremonial space - Your own kitchenette and toilet facilities


GONE - This has now been booked


Friend-ship house (sleeps 4 people)

Colourful and Joyful, this self-sustained maisonette is ideal for accommodating 3 people.

With two double mezzanine beds on both sides, offering privacy in the sleeping area and a cosy ground floor sleeping area, this house is perfect for three singletons who enjoy cosy and colourful spaces . If flamingo chandelier, pineapple mirrors and colourful patterns make you smile, the Friend-Ship house will be your little haven. 

One shower and one toilet to be shared amongst the 3 guests in the house. 

 £310 - £405 Per Person.


Simple Double Room

In the main house

Along the corridor is a basic room with a double bed. Ideal for a couple or friends sharing. Immediate access to communal kitchen and lounge.

Shared Shower and toilets within the main house.

£280 Per Person for a couple.

 £350 Per Person for single use.

GONE - This has now been booked

Single Indian Style Bed Train

In the main house

With the feeling of entering your train cabin for your night journey in  north India, this basic yet stylish single bed is the option for our lower end accommodation. Immediate access to communal kitchen and lounge.

Shared Shower and toilets.

 £280 Per Person for single use.

1 bed left

Glamping Village Area

For the happy campers, we have a few options available within Rye Farms stunning landscape

Luxurious Bell tent (single or double options available)

For the outdoor lovers, yet still in complete comfort and style , we have a selection of luxury bell tent , which are all tastefully decorated with rugs, floor cushions and side table, just as lovely as all our other accomodation

Shared shower and toilets

£350 Per Person for a couple.

£420 Per Person for single use.

BYO -Tent or Camper van


Shared showers and toilets


If you are unsure which is the best accommodation for you we can help you with that,

go to contact & bookings




 Melanie and Grace met in the summer of 2015 at a Small Summer Festival in East Sussex. One was gracefully hula-hooping on the green lawn, the other was admiring from afar…

The two women made acquaintance and in time Melanie began to teach Grace the art of hula hooping. With the sway of the hips and the strengthening of the core, she quickly picked up some skills

From the hoop, grew a friendship where both women discovered they shared a love for yoga, conscious partying and a healthy devotion to wellbeing, all the while squeezing the juices out of the wonders of life.

Both had met their own challenges with health and body image issues in their early adult years, and have both found peace within by treating their bodies and minds with respect, love and acceptance.

Melanie found her equilibrium through teaching yoga by day and DJing and event organising by night; whilst Grace enjoyed the paradox of her corporate city job by day, and free-spirit persona by night.

Tipping toeing into all different elements and aspects of their being, whilst staying true to their authentic core, is the common philosophy by which both these women live.

With  Elemental Retreats, Grace and Melanie invite you to join them along with their team of inspiring friends on this exciting journey. Come strengthen your core, sway your hips, have a laugh, and become a more empowered version of yourself.





Melanie’s unique approach to yoga and wellness is rooted by her own journey of self discovery and happiness.

She began her fitness career as a personal trainer and dance-fit instructor in the 90s and was a self proclaimed dance-party lover, a passion which took her from the clubs of the North to the sandy beaches of Ibiza and Thailand.

She believes that during that time, it was her appetite for healthy healing foods as well as her self taught yoga practice that kept her on a healthy track.

In 2007, she decided to explore her passion for yoga and holistic practices further. She embarked on a 2 year cultural and learning adventure around India; studying the yoga and wellbeing lineages of Ashtanga, Svananada, Iyenga, and Aryuveda, qualifying as an Ashtanga yoga teacher, and continuing her learning by becoming an teaching assistant with the Himalayan Yoga Valley School.

In 2013 she later went on to train in Partner Yoga which brings a fun and interactive element to her teaching.

Following a bike accident and knee surgery in 2014 Melanie adapted her practice to a more mindful and meditative style encorporating Yin and Aerial Yoga which aided her recovery and healing.

It is at that time that Melanie began to explore her love for music and took the opportunity to invest her healing days into becoming a DJ. Today she has her own fortnightly radio show under SistaSelecta on Brighton’s 1BTN and plays sets around the UK and Europe at sober raves, festivals, cacao dance parties and clubs.

With varied skills in her pocket, a career in both wellness and music, Melanie loves to create unique and uplifting experiences for people, showering them with an abundance of healthy goodness. 

In 2017, she joins her friend Grace to co-found Elemental Retreats  where she intends to continue to merge her passions in yoga, wellness and music to bring about delightful moments to humans in search for equilibrium but without compromising on 'fun'.



Grace has been working in the financial sector for the past 6 years; From analyst to sales, she has an understanding of the daily stresses that many corporate employees face: deadlines, targets, demanding clients, long working hours at the screen etc. and so she knows how vital it is to decompress from the day to day in order to keep excelling.

Despite her high-pressured environment, Grace has managed to maintain a demanding career whilst also reducing the typically negative impact of such a workplace.

She no longer views Mondays as the beginning of a long week, and Fridays no longer feel like a deliverance of agony; rather all days flow harmoniously one after another.

How has she managed to break convention?

By bringing in some fun into the office! By staying in tune and connected to her true self no matter the contradictions and by wearing colourful clothes in a very grey world. Grace’s approach has resulted in satisfied clients who appreciate her authenticity and find it all frankly quite refreshing!

In terms of decompressing from her job, she swears by the practice of Yoga and praises the positive impact it has brought to her life since she stepped into her first Yoga class in 2013.

From Ashtanga, to Vinyasa and more recently Iyengar, she embraces the options of finding a Yoga lineage that currently works for her body and mind. When practicing in Melanie’s class, she especially enjoys the combination of styles and is looking forward for you to enjoy those classes as much as she does.

At Earth Equinox, Grace will be assisting with the logistics - so do approach her with all of your requests and wishes.




Claudiu is a Romanian queer artist, permaculturist and food alchemist based in India and Europe. His deep reverence and connection to nature was instilled by his herbalist grandmother who raised him as a free-range child at the foot of the Bucegi Mountains in Romania.

His teaching work and artistic practice are informed by natural systems. The forest is his teacher. The focus of his work is reigniting the connection between humans and the magical kingdoms of plants and fungi with a view to heal and regenerate degraded ecosystems.

Claudiu’s heart and current focus is in healing and alternative education. He loves children and over the last 4 years he has run experimental arts and permaculture projects in schools in India, London, Latvia, Hungary and Romania. With his work he explores the question of where our health comes from and using wild foods as medicines has enabled him to set up welfare systems where he lovingly prepares food for large groups of people for workshops, retreats, and of course his friends and family.

Claudiu is an intuitive chef. Whilst using ingredients that are available locally and in season, he will ensure to add wild foraged foods and medicinal herbs to his menus to introduce new tastes, textures and nutrition, vital to our well being that can often be lacking from cultivated vegetables.

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Ru, our celebrated astrologer, began studying the movement of celestial objects at the tender age of 12. A devout interest which in time transformed into an incredible gift (or the other way round.) 

By 18, she was already drawing up birth charts and offering private readings.

Today, in her wisdom years and after what one may call an eventful life, including living abroad, raising 5 children as a single parent and working in mental health  – Ru practices astrology with compassion and a complete sense of non-judgement.

She perceives astrology as a tool for self-awareness and personal development and she vouches for the support it has given her clients as well as herself in difficult times.

Ru practices with empathy and authenticity – and she is dedicated to explore your individual story making each reading a personal one.

We are delighted to have her at Earth Equinox where she is excited to share her passion, bring support and impart her planetary wisdom.

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Retreat Schedule

ARRIVAL TIME FROM 15.00 - 22.30

Thursday 20th

  • 16.00 - 20.00: Tea/snack on arrival, settle in to your rooms, meet the hosts

  • 20.00 - 21.00 : Dinner, followed by Open Chats, Relax

  • 10.30 : Silence


  • 08.00 - 08.30 : Tea and fruit

  • 09.00 : Morning yoga practice

  • 11.00: Brunch - Break Silence

  • 11.30: Free time (country walk, massage treatments, astrology reading, time to relax by the lake, or take a nap

  • 14:30: Afternoon snack & tea, followed by Fermenting or Foraging Workshop

  • 17:00: Yoga practice

  • 19:00: Dinner

  • 21:00: Time to chill

  • 10.30 : Silence


  • 08.00 - 08.30 : Tea and fruit

  • 09.00 : Morning yoga practice

  • 11.00: Brunch - Break Silence

  • 11.30: Free time (country walk, massage treatments, astrology reading, time to relax by the lake, or take a nap)

  • 14:30: Afternoon snack & tea, followed by Fermenting or Foraging Workshop

  • 17:00: Yoga practice

  • 19:00: Dinner

  • 21:00: Time to chill

  • 10.30 : Silence


  • 08.00 - 08.30 : Tea and fruit

  • 09.00 : Morning yoga practice

  • 11.00: Brunch

  • 12.30: Free time (country walk, massage treatments, astrology reading, time to relax by the lake, or take a nap)

  • 14.30: Afternoon snack & tea - followed by more free time (country walk, massage treatments, astrology reading, time to relax by the lake, or take a nap

  • 16:30: Cacao Ceremony with Movement Mediation & Dance Session

  • 19.00: Dinner Party

  • 10.30 : Silence


  • 08.00 - 08.30 : Tea and fruit available

  • 09. 00 - Final Yoga Practice

  • 11.30: Brunch

  • 12.00 - Goodbyes and Final Massage Treatments and Astrology Reading

  • 15.00 - Time to make your safe journey home.....

Massage & Astrology readings are available during your chilled time and can be arranged during the retreat







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All Part of the package

Extra Cost


** on the booking form minutes = people **


For any enquires please complete the form or contact Melanie on 07716120552 or Grace on 07866031167

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