Melanie Kalay is a proud advocator of happiness and health focusing on positive human connection while developing and enhancing  physical and mental wellbeing.

She brings a unique and creative approach to her teachings and treatments, which have been developed over two decades.  She combines her extensive studies in yoga, nutrition, massage, and fitness with her love and passion for dance, music, play and ritual to bring  diverse and interesting sessions which are a perfect balance between grounding and playful, soothing and dynamic; Reflecting Melanie's authentic nature.

It's Melanie's mission to share her passions and knowledge and zest for life , with the community at large. 

I had the pleasure of having Melanie as a personal yoga instructor. I was a complete beginner, one of those people who thought I would look silly in a class. She is patient and her instructions are very easy to follow, I would recommend her to anyone. - RUSSELL SMALL - DJ & MUSIC PRODUCER - THE FREEMASONS

Melanie is a very warm, confident and professional teacher, she instantly put's everyone at ease and approaches each class with a balance of merriment and mindfulness.
There's something very special about Melanie and the classes she leads. - LUCY HARVEY - STYLIST - LONDON