FiredUp - CoolDown

Fired-Up - Cool-Down

Summer is here, whoop!!! whoop!!! It's the time of year where we feel our most vibrant and sociable selves, as we lap up that Vitamin D and enjoy the longer days.

However, be careful, as Summer is also a time when we are prone to fire up and over work our digestion and cleansing organs. This will reflect in our emotions, showing signs of anger, jealousy, mood swings and impatience. Sound familiar? 

With each season, we can adapt our yoga and health practice to help us cope with the elements in the body and in the atmosphere.

Join Melanie for this mindful yet fun and playful workshop, where together we will explore the yoga poses and breathing exercise that will enable you to bring harmony to the body, calm your digestion and balance your moods so you can stay on top of your summer game!!!

Juicy refreshments will be served after, to compliment and nourish your wonderful bodies.

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