Prior to having Melanie as my coach I had never enjoyed exercise, but it wasn't from not trying.  I tried the gym and found it boring,  I joined classes and felt irritated with not been able to keep up, and I don't have the motivation to do things on my own.I was recommended Melanie by a friend and it totally changed my attitude  towards exercise.  It was fun, she listened to my needs and she got me exercising outdoors; which I never thought I would have the confidence to do. I noticed improvements to my core and leg strength and self esteem.At the age of 40 I discovered I enjoyed running, and with the right amount of encouragement and confidence I joined a running club. I have now completed 2 half marathons and just completed my first marathon - Sarah Clover - Designer - Brighton

I am a bit of a connection junkie. I found doing partner yoga with Melanie a really beautiful experience. It was very comforting and nourishing and it enabled me to heal my wounds." - Anna, London
I had the pleasure of having Melanie as a personal yoga instructor. I was a complete beginner, one of those people who thought I would look silly in a class. She is patient and her instructions are very easy to follow, I would recommend her to anyone. - Russell Small - DJ Music Producer
Melanie’s community yoga workshops at our fundraisers have been massive successes, one of our most popular offerings. She combines a clearly in-depth understanding, and a physical grace which testifies to her own practice, with a rare ability to communicate and teach in a relaxed, warm, accessible and down to earth manner. It’s always a pleasure to work with her.” Sam Wetherald - Sunday Assemble, London
Melanie has been my yoga teacher in Brighton for a number of years. The classes are very professional, fun and encouraging; She is a very talented, warm and friendly person who changed my ideas around yoga. I am very thankful to her for my new lifelong passion.” - Melanie Vevers - Teacher, Brighton
Melanie used to come to our work place on a Wednesday lunch time to teach yoga,  and it was without a doubt the highlight of my working week. It was the first time a yoga teacher made me feel OK at not been bendy and I felt good about myself. - Leone, Doc Martins, Camden
Melanie has been instrumental with my rehabilitation after a severe condition that left me pretty immobile.Her gentle and fun approach activated my body into moving. I am very grateful for her energy, help and care - Claudiu - Permaculture Professional and artist
Melanie is a very warm, confident and professional teacher, she instantly put's everyone at ease and approaches each class with a balance of merriment and mindfulness.
There's something very special about Melanie and the classes she leads. - LUCY HARVEY - STYLIST - LONDON